Schools of Las Vegas

Newcomers and even longer term residents are often interested in how the schools of Las Vegas compare. Here is our try at answering that question. Note that this is only the schools of the Clark County School District.

    How were the Rankings done?

We basically compared the schools by the percentage of children meeting or exceeding the standard. We did the ranking for each category: Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science. We then summed the rankings of each school and then ranked the school by this sum.

The technique is not very sensitive though the data upon which it is based is likely not either. So we would consider any elementary schools within 20 places or so to be equivalent. For middle schools we would think 10 places.

The high schools are somewhat different. There are clearly a set of magnet and specialty schools that head the list- Advanced Technology Academy, the Las Vegas Academy, the three Community College High Schools and the Virtual High School - The remainder of the high school would likely be equivalent over a span of 5 or 6.

The bright student ratings were done by consider only the percentage of the school population that exceeded standard.

    Performance Levels.

We are not sure that it is easy to interpret the actual results of these comparisons but here are a couple of graphs that display the actual averages for each middle school and high school..

    From the Horse's Mouth

You can find out all about the Las Vegas Public School System at the Clark County School District at CCSD.